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Canals Union Academy

Studio 04, Undergrad Architectural Design, James Madison University

Education Facility and Site Plan

Canals Union Academy was a research-based design for the Baltimore site Domino Sugar Factory. After researching social and environmental problems within the area, I chose to use architecture and landscape design as an avenue to focus on the history of social and economic divisions within the area. The program was to establish an experiential learning education system for the city. The Academy consists of canals to connect the city
to the harbor. On higher elevation above the canals, greenhouses and gardens would be displaced for students to learn about agriculture and plant biology. Beneath the greenhouses, there would be entrances to the underground parts of the school where classrooms would be located. As students travel by bridge or boat to different parts of the school, they would be expected to learn different skills at each location on the site. At the end of the academic terms, students would leave with enough skills to work independently and obtain jobs within the community. Therefore, it would revitalize the community with educated workers within trades. The long-term goal would be to rehabilitate the economic divides within the city.

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