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Boyle Height Large Scale Map copy-01.png

Migrant Archive

Studio 05 & 06, Undergrad Architectural Design, James Madison University

Undergraduate thesis, Museum and Site Planning: Mobile spaces

Migrant Archive challenges the concept of architecture being stationary; providing transportable spaces as an alternative form of architecture. With mobility, the concept of permanent communities defined by a physical border will be redefined. The project will take site within distinct neighborhoods of Los Angeles to establish a portable museum that celebrates the diverse ethnic populations that make up its history. Each space will work to distinguish unique features within its environment’s to produce a by-product of the community’s history. Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Los Angeles targets to revitalize Boyle Heights, Crenshaw Corridor, Little Tokyo, and Vernon Central; four distinct neighborhoods that consist of distinct minority groups as their primary residents. Based on the individual history of each location, I will specify each archive’s design specifically to the area that it relates.

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