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Studio 03, Undergrad Architectural Design, James Madison University

Education Pavillion

The senses are how you understand your surroundings. To develop a thorough understanding of research, the pavilion triggers all of the senses in different spaces to evaluate the food chains between animals and plants around Bluff Point. Under the canopy of the growing façade, he or she will closely work with the plants and animals that are placed within the pavilion. The overall space captures the different landscapes within Bluff Point and how they connect through the food chains of animal and plant life. This is represented as a growing plant mesh engulfs the building and interacts with small living organisms. It illustrates that when one part of the food chain fails, they all fail. The focus is to learn about the regions and rebuild the areas to strengthen life as a whole. Observers will smell, see, hear, and touch the world around in order to discover the biology amongst the site.

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